Welcome to Leadership Academy. Our club helps people build the skills needed for leadership, facilitation and training roles, either within Toastmasters or outside in the general workforce or community.

Here are the benefits that Leadership Academy can offer:

Monthly Meetings

Every month, we run a two hour interactive meeting on a specific area of leadership. A range of topics are covered during these sessions, including Problem Solving, Conflict Management and Succession Planning.

The purpose of these meetings is to learn from the experiences of others and receive feedback on our own leadership progress.

See the Meeting Schedule page for an up to date list of when we will be meeting.

Presentation-Style Speaking

Each meeting features two 20 minute presentations. These are prepared by members for members and are based on the speaker’s personal experience with leadership. We are the only Toastmasters club in Christchurch that offers this style of speaking.

We also offer impromptu speech practice (Table Topics) to help you feel more confident answering unexpected questions. By participating in this side of the monthly meetings, your communication skills and confidence will rapidly improve.

Networking Opportunities

Worldwide, there are over 360,000 members of Toastmasters International. Within New Zealand alone, there are nearly 5,000 members spread across 280 clubs. By attending local events, you will meet many like-minded people who will become good friends and mentors.

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